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The Essential MoveThe Classic MoveThe Deluxe Move
Premium Bathroom Care  Prepare your new home's bathrooms for a fresh start. We meticulously clean tubs, showers, sinks, and toilets, ensuring each area is pristine and sparkling for peace of mind.
Scrub and polish tub/shower and fixtures
Sanitize and clean countertops
Sanitize sink and polish fixtures
Clean and shine mirrors
Sanitize toilet and surrounding area
Clean floors and baseboards

Kitchen Detail and Reset  Set the stage for memorable meals in your new home. Our team thoroughly cleans countertops, backsplashes, and appliance exteriors, making your kitchen a spotless and welcoming culinary space.
Clean and sanitize countertops
Sanitize sink and polish fixtures
Clean and polish appliances, including stainless steel
Scrub stovetop
Clean microwave
Vacuum and mop floors

Professional Floor Focus  Welcome to flawlessly clean floors in your new home. Our comprehensive vacuuming and mopping service covers all floor types, ensuring a spotless foundation for your fresh start.
Vacuum carpeted floors
Vacuum hard surface floors
Edge floors for detailed clean
Mop hard surface floors for a pristine finish

Interior Storage Clean & Prep  Prepare for a well-organized start in your new home. Our thorough cleaning of interior cabinets, drawers, and closets ensures every storage space is spotless and ready for your belongings.
Cabinet-interior cleaning
Interior drawer detailing

Closet detail dusting
Vacuum and mop closet floors

Floor to Ceiling Detail Dusting  Begin your new chapter with a dust-free home. We meticulously clean from top to bottom, including blinds, windowsills, and doors, ensuring a refreshingly clean space, free of allergens.
Remove cobwebs from all areas
Dust blinds, window sills, and frames
Dust molding, doors, and door frames
Dust baseboards thoroughly
Dust wall art, furniture, decor and lamps
Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures

Appliance Deep Clean & Ready  Ensure a pristine beginning in your kitchen with our detailed cleaning of interior appliances. We specialize in deep cleaning fridges and ovens, leaving them spotless and ready for your culinary adventures.
Fridge interior deep clean
Oven interior deep clean
Microwave interior deep clean

Deep Cleaning Woodwork and Fixtures  Bring out your home’s best features with our detailed hand washing of woodwork and fixtures. We meticulously clean everything from baseboards to light fixtures, ensuring each detail shines in your new space.
Hand wash baseboards for detailed cleanliness
Hand wash cabinet fronts
Hand wash doors, windowsills, and frames
Hand wash ceiling fan blades and light fixtures

Explore Our Top to Bottom Deluxe Ultimate Package

Dive into the ultimate cleaning experience with our Top to Bottom Deluxe Ultimate Package. This all-inclusive service combines our full TTB Deluxe Cleaning with additional luxuries such as hand washing blinds, interior windows, interior oven, and interior refrigerator cleaning. Elevate your living space and enjoy the epitome of cleanliness.

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