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Our pricing is individualized to each and every client so that we can provide the best service for your needs. At Snapmaids we understand that each home or office is as unique a space as the people inside. We take a variety of considerations when pricing, including the use of the space, clutter level and the presence of pet hair among others. The one exception to this pricing system comes when you book a priority clean which comes at a flat hourly rate.  Please contact Snapmaids for your personal rate information.

Specific packages are offered such as our Top-Bottom Deluxe, Standard Plus, Essentials Clean, and our Priority Cleaning services. Each of our services is designed specifically to provide you with a thorough and effective clean every time. For a complete explanation of our packages and items we clean, please visit our. We also tailor our visit to your individual needs and your home's cleaning requirements. Please contact Snapmaids for more information on your specific needs.

Yes, we bring everything we need to clean your home. You don't have to provide a thing, but if you have at home chemicals you prefer our technicians can always accommodate the change

In short, it is completely up to you! While most of our clients have Snapmaids as a regularly scheduled service, we also offer a variety of one-time cleaning services. We even clean for special occasions which can be a great gift for a friend or loved one.

Snapmaids will typically send 1-3 technicians to clean your requested space. The decision for the technician number is based on the size of the home or office and the requirements of the service you booked. Snapmaids’ stance is to deliver a personalized clean to each client and to ensure our technicians have a support system to provide you with our 100% Happiness Guarantee.

It’s always great seeing a familiar face and we love to make that happen. While we do prioritize sending a regular technician to your home each visit, our strength lies in having an expertly trained team of cleaning technicians that allows us to uphold our promises of quality and consistency. Having a strong team also helps us to keep happy employees who have a healthy work-life balance and can take a day off when needed. Rest assured, your home will be cleaned with the utmost quality and care every time.

At the time of your booking confirmation, Snapmaids will provide you a time window for our arrival. Additionally, one day prior to your appointment, we will provide you with an appointment reminder. On rare occasions, a technician will encounter a backup when completing a cleaning for an earlier client. In these cases, our clients will be notified of any delay or technician changes necessary to ensure transparency and quality care for your clean.

Snapmaids is not just in the business of providing cleaning, we really are in the service industry. From our charity work with Cleaning For A Reason cancer patients to clients who just need a little extra assistance around the house, Snapmaids is here to help you.  Time is the one commodity you can never get more of so don’t waste it! Let Snapmaids focus on giving you a clean home so you can focus on a happy life, because after all “Clean Homes, Happy Lives” is our motto. 

Snapmaids makes all the worries of hiring an independent house cleaner vanish in a snap by managing all the details of technician employment. According to IRS Publication 926, the Household Employer's Tax Guide, if you hire someone to do household work and you control what work is done, and the manner in which it is completed, the IRS will consider the worker to be a household employee. In this case, it would be critical for you to know your obligations as an employer, including filing all required state and federal paperwork in addition to paying taxes. When you hire Snapmaids, all you have to do is book your service of choice and we ensure a great clean. Snapmaids is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured service with a staff that is vetted through a proprietary 5 step hiring process. With these measures in place, we make sure our clients are completely protected against accidents inside your home which occurred as the result of a clean. For more information about household employees, see IRS publication 926.

We say 100% Happiness Guarantee and we mean it! If at any time during a clean you have an issue with our service, please reach out to our Snapmaids office directly at (234) 271-2213. We’ll work efficiently to correct the issue and in the most hassle-free manner available. Also, if for any reason after our service you’re not satisfied, let us know within 24-hours of your appointment and we’ll be sure to make it right.

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