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Snapmaids provides exceptional quality cleaning services throughout Sumit and Cuyahoga Counties. Our cleaning technicians are some of the best in the industry and professionally trained to deliver great service and quality.

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  • Home Cleaning Services


    The Deluxe Clean

    Elevate your living space with our Deluxe Deep Clean. Ideal for homes needing thorough care, this service revitalizes your kitchen and bathrooms, hand-washes woodwork, and tackles every corner for a truly transformative clean.


    The Classic Clean

    Experience a consistently radiant home with our Classic Clean. This all-encompassing service refreshes your kitchen, bathrooms, and offers thorough dusting throughout. It's the ultimate solution for an always inviting, clean home.


    The Essentials Clean

    Quick, effective, and perfect for regular upkeep, our Essentials Clean offers a rapid refresh for your kitchen and bathrooms, plus sweeping and mopping all floors. It's quality cleaning that fits your schedule and budget.

  • Move In/Move Out Cleaning Services


    The Deluxe Move

    Simplify your move with our Deluxe Move Clean. Mirroring our Deluxe Deep Clean, this service is tailored for vacant homes, ensuring a pristine state from kitchen deep cleaning to hand-washing woodwork and even appliance interiors.


    The Classic Move

    Ease the stress of moving with our Classic Move Clean. Focusing on the essentials in an empty home, we revitalize your kitchen and bathrooms, dust thoroughly, and leave your floors spotlessly clean, ready for new beginnings.


    The Essential Move

    For a quick, efficient move-in or move-out clean, our Essential Move service is ideal. Focusing on the basics, it provides a rapid yet thorough cleaning of the most important areas, ensuring your space is neat and tidy for its next chapter.

  • Hourly Services


    Select & Shine Cleaning

    Tailor your cleaning needs with Select & Shine. This hourly service allows you to specify areas for targeted cleaning – from deep kitchen cleans to living room spruce-ups. You set the priorities; we deliver the shine.

  • Regular House Cleaning


    Recurring Services

    Enjoy the luxury of a perpetually clean home with our Recurring Services. Select the frequency that fits your lifestyle: every week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks. Each option guarantees a home that consistently feels fresh and welcoming.

    • Weekly Cleans: Ideal for active households or those who love a constantly pristine environment. Keep your space flawless all week, every week.

    • Every 2 Weeks Cleans: Great for balancing cleanliness and convenience. This option keeps your home spotless and inviting with a regular bi-weekly refresh.

    • Every 4 Weeks: Perfect for maintaining cleanliness over a longer period. This monthly service ensures your home stays tidy and comfortable, without the need for frequent cleaning.


    With any frequency, look forward to a revitalized kitchen and bathrooms, and sparkling clean floors. Each visit ensures you're welcomed into a beautifully maintained home, perfectly tailored to your chosen service level.

  • Commercial Cleaning


    Office Cleaning

    Elevate your workspace with our Office Cleaning services. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or ongoing maintenance, we ensure your office is a hub of cleanliness and efficiency, mirroring your business's professional ethos.

    • Single Deluxe Cleans: Elevate your workspace with our Single Deep Cleans. Ideal for invigorating your office or prepping for significant events, our meticulous approach covers every inch. We sanitize workstations, rejuvenate common areas, and thoroughly cleanse kitchens and bathrooms. Expect an ambiance of pristine professionalism in your office, impressing both staff and clients.

    • Recurring Office Cleans: Opt for the frequency that aligns with your business needs – every week, every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks. Our Recurring Office Cleans promise a consistently vibrant and healthy work environment. Regular maintenance keeps your space in top condition throughout the year, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important – your business.


    Both our single and recurring services prioritize areas of high traffic, ensure kitchens and bathrooms are spotless, and provide comprehensive floor care. Count on us to maintain a workspace that's not only immaculately clean but also a welcoming environment for employees and visitors alike.

  • Additional Offerings


    Cleaning Extras

    Elevate your clean to the extraordinary! Our add-on services are the cherry on top, targeting those often-overlooked areas for a truly comprehensive clean. Mix and match them with any of our packages for a custom-tailored cleaning experience.

    Windows + Tracks: Experience crystal clarity with our window cleaning. We banish every streak and smudge, leaving your windows so immaculate, they'll seem invisible. Plus, we deep clean the tracks for a total window transformation.

    Interior Appliances: Transform your kitchen appliances back to their showroom shine. Our detailed cleaning of ovens and fridges will rejuvenate your essential kitchen tools, restoring that brand-new look and feel.

    Tidying Services: Overwhelmed by clutter? Let us bring order to the chaos. Our tidying service makes your space more inviting and navigable, so you can relax and enjoy your freshly cleaned home.

    Add any of these extras to our Deluxe, Classic, or Essentials cleaning packages for an all-encompassing clean that leaves no stone unturned. Dive into a cleaning experience that covers every detail, leaving your space nothing short of impeccable.


Service Areas: Akron, Barberton, Bath, Boston Heights, Copley, Cuyahoga Falls, Fairlawn, Green, Hudson, Macedonia, Munroe Falls, New Franklin, Northfield, Norton, Peninsula, Portage Lakes, Richfield, Stow, Tallmadge, Twinsburg.

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